Saturday, January 26, 2013

Law Faculty Student's Hand Amputated

Hand for Achala, Justice for Negligence!
අචලාගේ අහිමි වූ වම් අත නැවත ලබා ගැනීම සඳහා අපිත් පුංචි හෝ දායකත්වයක් ලබා දෙමු ....

Doctors of Colombo General Hospital had reportedly amputated the hand of Achala Priyadarshani (24) a Law Faculty final year student who had sustained injuries after falling down a flight of stairs at her house at Urubokka,Matara.
The law student,Achala Priyadarshani was admitted to the Matara Hospital with fracture injuries, following the accident at her home, and later transferred to the Colombo National Hospital, where her hand was amputated.The university student is left-handed and therefore even writes using her left hand.
Meanwhile, Health Ministry has appointed a special to committee to look into the incident.
Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena has instructed the Secretary to the Health Ministry, Dr. Nihal Jayathilake to conduct an immediate inquiry into the incident.
Therefore the Health Secretary has appointed a special committee comprising Deputy Director General of Medical Services Dr. Ananda Gunasekera and specialist surgeons and also instructed them to submit a report, the Ministry of Health said.

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