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Technical-New A/L Subject Stream Sri Lanka -Syllabus & Details

Technical New AL Stream Subject 2015 sri lanka
A/L Technical Subject Course Out Line Download here Sinhala & Tamil

Download here
Sinhala & Tamil 

උසස් පෙළට අලූතින් හදුන්වාදෙන ලද තාක්ෂණික විෂය ධාරව යටතේ කාණ්ඩ දෙකක් යටතේ විෂයන් 2ක් හා අනිවාර්ය එක  විෂයයක් සහිතව මෙම වසරේ සිට උසස් පෙළ අධ්යාපන කටයුතු ආරම්භ කළ හැකි බව අධ්යාපන අමාත් බන්දුල ගුණවර්ධන මහතා පවසයි.
එක විෂය කාණ්ඩයක් යටතේ ඉංජිනේරු තාක්ෂණය හෝ ජෛව තාක්ෂණය යන විෂයයන්ගෙන් එකක්ද විෂයයන් 10 කින් යුත් අනෙක් කාණ්ඩය යටතේ තවත් එක් විෂයයක්ද තෝරාගත හැක. ගිණුම්කරණය, ආර්ථික විද්යාව, භූගෝලය, ගෘහ විද්යාව ඇතුළු විෂයයන් 10ක් එහි අඩංගු වේ.
තාක්ෂණය  සදහා විද්යාව යන්න අනිවාර්ය විෂයයි. මෙකී  විෂය ධාරාව යටතේ දිවයින පුරා පාසල් 700 අධ්යයන කටයුතු සදහා සිසුන්ට අවස්ථාව සැලසෙනු ඇත.
2015 වසරේදී රථම වතාවට යටතේ සිසුන් විභාගයට පෙනී සිටින අතර ලිඛිත විභාගයට ලකුණු 75 ක් එහිදී හිමිවන අතර විෂයයන් සදහා වූ සෙසු ලකුණු 25 ලබාදෙනුයේ රායෝගික පරීක්ෂණ සදහා බව අමාත් ගුණවර්ධන මහතා වැඩිදුරටත් පැවසීය.

A Brand new Subject stream will be introduced for Sri Lankan students sitting for the Advanced Level A/L Examinations in 2015, called ‘Technical’ said the Minister of Higher Education, Mr. S.B. Dissanayake.At the moment there are four streams named Science, Mathematics, Commerce and Arts.
‘There has been a lot of outcry in Sri Lanka regarding the lack of job opportunities post Advanced Levels. The new Technical stream of study will allow these youths to adjust to the job markets in Sri Lanka as well as in other countries’ he said.
‘The subjects include electronics, civil and mechanical engineering, agriculture as well as food sciences and information technology’, explained  former Vice Chancellor of the University of Moratuwa, Vidya Jothi Professor Dayantha Wijeyesekera, explaining  the benefits of the new stream of study.
He said that enrollment in universities would not be necessary, if this stream of study was followed at A Levels, as students would acquire a very practical knowledge, which would enable them to find employment easily.
"We are hoping to implement this new stream of study in at least one school in each of the 343 Divisional Secretariat Divisions in Sri Lanka. Already teachers have been trained and books already purchased, said  Minister of Education, Bandula Gunawardane who also addressed the media said.
Four streams, Science, Mathematics, Commerce and Arts are taught at advanced levels at present. Every year around 350,000 students sit the advanced level examination and of them 25,000 are qualified to enter universities. Around 300,000 youths who sit the examination following the four streams enter the job market annually, even though; a greater number of these job seekers are unemployable, since the four streams are not job oriented.
Since these four streams are academic streams, students have to follow many other courses to obtain proficiency in various fields available in the job market.
Therefore, the technology stream will be introduced to cater to the huge demand," Minister Gunawardena said.
"At the initial stage, the new stream will be available at 50 schools and gradually expanded to cover every secretariat division. The Education Ministry is drafting the text books and teacher guidance for the new stream with the assistance of educationalists, intellectuals and several other resource personnel," the minister added.

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