Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Foreign Students apply to Sri Lankan Universities

Foreign Students apply to Sri Lankan Universities More than 300 applications had been received from foreign students, to enter Sri Lankan universities, in the next academic year, the Higher Education Ministry said yesterday.
Secretary to the Ministry Dr. Sunil Jayantha Navaratne said that Sri Lanka had offered scholarships to around 50 foreign students.
"We will accommodate a small percentage of foreign students in Lankan universities, done under the scholarship scheme and the others who will be paying students," he said.
Dr. Navaratne said they introduced the full scholarship programme to enhance links with other countries in the world.
Most Sri Lankans went overseas on full scholarships, but they return after completing their studies without contributing anything to those countries, he said adding that the country could now pay back in some way by offering scholarships to foreign students.
The Secretary said that most of the foreign students were seeking entry to the Moratuwa, Colombo, Sri Jayewardenepura, Kelaniya, Rajarata and Sabaragamuwa universities.
Dr. Navaratne said currently there were 435 fee paying foreign students following undergraduate and post graduate courses in Sri Lankan universities.
Most of them study Buddhism in the Buddhist and Pali University; he said adding that the rest were engaged in bio – diversity studies, archeology, irrigation, and conflict resolution and peace studies.
"Most postgraduate students conduct research in Sri Lanka and they are published in international journals," Dr. Navaratne said adding it was a recognition for the country.
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  1. The countries that offer scholarships to us are not the same countries that we offer scholarships. Therefore there is no question of paying back for the services rendered to us.
    It is okay if most of the foreign students are opting to study Buddhism and Conflict resolution and peace studies but the secretary Dr. Navaratne has said most of them are seeking entry to Moratuwa university. When there is severe competition to admit to Moratuwa uni and lot of students have to shatter their dreams of becoming Engineers due to falling short of few marks we think it is atrocious to admit scholarship or fee levying foreign students to study for BSc(Eng) degrees at Moratuwa university.

  2. wena ratawala aya ganna kalin ape rate dahasak duk windala inganagaththu lamin puluwan tharam ikmanin gaththoth loku deyak...2011 a/l karapa api exam liyala den awurudu eka hamarai...den thiyana thathwe hetiyata march 27 universities patanganna beriwei...thama wedidenekuta registration walata lium ewith nehe...leadership traning eka iwarawenne march20...itapasse dawas 7 k registar wenna beriuna ayata registar wenna denawa...kawadada campus patanganne???? mefical faculties nam patangani..eth anith course???

    1. Why are they delaying the registration to e-faculty??

    2. There was a big discrepancy between the old syllabus and new syllabus Z-score cut off marks for the Colombo district.
      Academic Year 2011/2012 Based on GCE (A/L) Exam 2011
      Z-Score cut off marks for Engineering - Colombo District
      Old Syllabus 1.7272
      New Syllabus 2.0317

      For the last two years Colombo District Engineering cut-off marks were as follows:-

      Academic Year cut-off marks
      2010/2011 1.8968
      2009/2010 1.9170

      Colombo District Engineering cut-off marks has always been 1.8 or 1.9.
      This injustice could be one reason for the delay in registration to Engineering faculty.
      Due to the Moratuwa University Engineering final year and NDT students clashes the final examinations of both has not been held yet. This could be the other reason. We hope the university is functioning normally for the other students.

  3. It is not an issue only with engineering.It's an issue for all the students especially for new syllabus students in all districts.On the other hand we can't criticize about the method anymore, because it was a fault of all 2011 A/L students who conflicted with the first released results.As a reward for that,authorities had to make a difference for the justification and changed the cut off marks under old & new syllabus.So what we have to do now is satisfy about what you've got.Because it's not just for a one party.The system is for all students.

    1. Releasing two different sets of Cut-off marks for the New and Old syllabi is not the issue here. In the Colombo district for New and old syllabi Engineering students there is a big discrepancy in the cut-off marks published as stated by the above mentioned post. UGC has given preference to old syllabus students by reducing the Z-score cut off marks below the norm compared with last few years. It is like "stealing from Peter to give Paul."

  4. Does anyone knows when they will release the lift of students who are eligible under foreign students category?

    Thank you.

  5. Do they release the list? I thought when you go to the university on the first day they will be there.


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