Tuesday, February 26, 2013

FUTA-Sri Lanka University Lecturers 6% again

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University lecturers in Sri Lanka are looking at re-commencing the agitation campaign to win their demand of a 6 percent budgetary allocation to the education sector.
The Federation of University Teachers' Association (FUTA) has said that the government has failed to keep its pledge and pay attention to their demand of a 6 percent budgetary allocation for the education sector.
FUTA Spokesperson Dr. Mahim Mendis said the agitation campaign would be re-launched with the help of a large number of trade unions.
He noted that the government has not paid attention to granting higher provisions for primary, secondary and tertiary education and there has not been any progress shown in the education sector since the lecturers called off their 100 day strike action last October.
The FUTA plans to launch mass demonstrations and awareness campaigns as part of their agitation campaign.
The academics, who continued a three-month long strike last year, ended their trade union action after the government and the trade union reached an agreement on their demands for a pay raise and 6 percent budgetary allocation. Extract From Colombo Page


  1. It seems that FUTA is trying to destroy state university education again. We pity the present and near future undergraduates. What did they receive by damaging the university education by going on strike for 100 days? We hope there won't be another useless agitation again.

  2. What the hell's going to happen to the university students entering the campuses. Don't they even care a little about how much of a drawback these lecturers are giving to the lives of these students. The 2011 AL batch is still out of universities while they should have been enrolled months ago. Are they going to let the 2012 AL batch suffer the same fate? The lecturers have already achieved their professional education. But these students still have to understand life. The lecturers should think a little more about how their actions will affect the country rather than how their actions will affect their salary.

  3. FUTA members are already lecturing in private institutions. As previously they know they can agitate for a long time and attend to their private work and then get their government salaries also. What a low set of individuals? The future of the younger generation is jeorpadised.

  4. Isn't it nice when you get salaries for no work! Strike action can be fun for lecturers, but not for the students.

    Students supported FUTA last time, but don't expect the same reaction this time!

    - Sincerely, a state university student who is spending 1 1/2 years in his first year.

    1. last time, we lost our two brothers for FUTA strike......

  5. FUTA is trying to make a mess of the tertiary education system in Sri Lanka. They are trying to destroy the free education system by hoodwinking the gullible general public by planning to have a public rally in Colombo. Their main purpose is not to do any work and try to increase their salaries. The irony of it is the university lecturers are also ever ready to shun their duty of teaching and go on strike.

  6. The undergraduates, prospective undergraduates,parents, school children and general public should be educated to what FUTA is trying to do and advice the public not to support them.


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