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A/L Technology Stream Syllabus

A/L Technology Stream Start May
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The Education Ministry would introduce a new stream for the GCE (Advanced Level) examination from 2015, Education Minister Bandula Gunawardena said.
He said that the new stream would be named ‘Technology’ stream, mostly based on skills of students.
"We will introduce the new stream in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development," Gunawardena said adding that the preliminary preparations for the new stream had already been completed.

He said that Technology would be introduced to students from May this year and the first batch of students would sit the examination, under the new stream, in 2015.
According to Gunawardena, this decision was taken by the government to introduce job oriented education at school level to students.
The minister said that with the new addition the A/L subject streams would be increased to six - Bio Science, Physical Science, Commerce, Arts, Other and Technology.
Education Monitoring MP Mohan Lal Grero said that the Computer Science subject was compulsory for the new stream and students could select either Computer Hardware or Computer Software as the second subject.
"We will give the students freedom to select another subject from the subject basket as the third subject," he said.
Grero said that the introduction of new stream was handled by experts from the National Institute of Education, National Education Commission, Education Ministry and University of Vocational Technology.
He said that they had already trained 300 teachers handle the subjects under the new stream and more teachers would be recruited. Extract from Online Island

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  1. it is good and unforgetable job done by our government... thanks


  2. Could you explain how can get the marks for practicals in details?

  3. This is really a good thing. I appreciate it. Actually it's better to add a subject called 'TOWN PLANNING' or 'URBAN DESIGN' for A/L subjects since the planning is really necessary for developing countries as well as developed countries. And it is a practical subject.

  4. I want English medium. where is? best classes? best teacher? can we do privately.

    1. There is no english medium for A/L Technology up to now. You can only follow Sinhala and Tamil Medium.

      where is? best classes? best teacher? Answer for this is, check sri lankan one and only A/L Technology web site-->

      Yes. You can do it private, But you have to cover 25% practical.

    2. i want to technology in english medium where i can i do?

  5. can we going to university?? and what are the universities in sri lanka cn we study??

  6. are there any schools in colombo zone where the technology will be teached in tamil medium?

  7. what are the praivet schools that tecnical subjects has

  8. I need 2015 technology stream marking schemes in tamil medium

  9. After A/L courses Technology Stream
    01. Engineering Technology
    02. ICT or Agriculture
    03. Science for Technology

  10. After A/L courses Technology Stream
    01. Bio Systems Technology
    02. ICT or Agriculture
    03. Science for Technology

  11. Which school have tamil meadium technology subject in colombo??


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