Thursday, June 27, 2013

Private & Foreign Universities are Important to Sri Lanka

Non-state and foreign university participation in fulfilling the higher education needs of students who are unable to enter state universities should be highly appreciated”, said Higher Education Minister S. B. Dissanayake.
The Minister was addressing the international partnership conference of University of Wolverhampton, held at the Cinnamon Grand yesterday.
Commenting further, Minister Dissanayake stated “in Sri Lanka even though 125,000-130,000 students get qualified to enter State Universities, only 25,000-35,000 actually enter universities.
The higher education of those left out should be fulfilled by some sector. Therefore, the participation of foreign and non-state universities is important to fill the breach.”
The Minister stated that in Sri Lanka free education is being taken for granted. “But due to lack of resources, the higher education needs of each and every student can not be fulfilled. This traditional view needs to be changed and foreign or non state sector should be invited to create more opportunities for students in Sri Lanka”.
Moreover, the Minister said the Higher Education Ministry presented the Human Capital Finance Development Bill in Parliament to enable students aspiring for higher education to obtain loans from banks for higher education and this will soon become law.
The Minister said that with the Bill becoming law, students will have an opportunity to obtain bank loans without any hassle for their higher education.
Furthermore, the Minister stated that Sri Lanka will promote the foreign and non-state universities in the future as well in its quest to become the Technology Hub of Asia and to provide education to enhance social mobility and improving the lives of individuals.
The introduction of British methods of teaching and learning is also a good opportunity for Lankan students added the Minister.
“I am very pleased to see over the years that the University of Wolverhampton has opened new and innovative programmes of study in Sri Lanka through its partnership”, the Minister observed.
Wolverhampton University Vice Chancellor Geoff Layer said “I am very proud of our work and relationships in Sri Lanka hence we had a presence in Sri Lanka for more than seven years.”
Delegates from countries, including China, Nigeria, Cyprus, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nepal and India were present along with senior staff of the University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Extract from DailyNews

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