Friday, January 31, 2014

Leadership training program Future Leaders 4th Batch Name List

Sri Lanka University Leadership training program Future Leaders
Sri Lanka University Leadership training program (Future Leaders) 4th Batch selected students Name list released to the Official Web Site.Under 4th batch 500 tamil students will be trained in two Army Camps.


Higher Education Ministry Director General of Students Affairs Keerthi Mawellage told Lanka University News that letters will be posted soon.If anyone didnt get letters,please take printouts.

Students can check whether you have selected for 4th Batch by entering your National Identity Card Number (NIC).
Official Web Site -

The leadership and positive attitude development training program launched in 4 sessions at 22 Army camps islandwide. Fourth Session will be started from February 16 2014 to March 07.

For the students who received letters to the University Registration:

Please do not worry if you are selected to the Leadership Programme and received a letter for university registration at the same period. MOHE have already informed the universities regarding Leadership Programme. Universities will arrange suitable procedures for your registration or you can register within one week after completion of the Leadership Programme.

Operations Room–Telephone Nos.011-2399314 and 011-2435306

Leadership Photos

Last Year Leadership Letters

Leadership Training Letter – Sinhala

Leadership Training Letter – Tamil

Leadership Training Letter – English

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  1. Uva wellassa selected aya join wenna

  2. Mama 3rd batch select una.eth mata virus unak hadila yanna bari una.medical 1k yawwa.dn mata 4th batch yanna puluwan.eth nama na.karanna deyak thiyeida mata 4th batch yanna.danna kenek kiyannako

  3. mineriya..............?

  4. those who will be slcted for the spcial intake in language stream be selected for leadership training..when will they issue their letters?

  5. mat french karapu z
    0.9, vdyaptat me para frnch
    illala na. last time nam
    tbuna. uni. bottuwakn wat
    gye nttn man
    iwarai.vdyapta englsh wlta
    tama ynna wenne.:-
    ( mge1st shy eken vdyapta
    englsh select welat gye para frnch dalama
    ynwa kiala htuwa. et dan e
    hope1t iwrai. dan bottuwk
    enkm april wenakm

    1. mama kaleth languages. French, English Lit and ICT. Puttlam district.mama nam 1st shy. mage z score ekath 0.9. matath dan nam epa wela harima dukin inne.
      oya mona district da?

    2. frndz mamath kale frnch...mama clombo disrc..thz is my 2nd shy......mage z-cr 1.1043......ane me para v.pita walath frnch ne.....ane apita mkada wenne....api frnch wage amaru subjt ekak karalath y apita kisima chance 1k neththe....

    3. colombo district meeta kalin languages karala theruna ayagen info ekak ganna barida? Puttlam district kawuruwathma meeta kalin languages karala na. Api thama 1st batch eka. Teachers lath nathuwa api harima amaruwen me subject igena gaththe. French walata mata B ekak thibilath no chance.

  6. man kandy dstrct frndz hmm.. ow,eka tama hdtma epa wela, april wenakm hopes tyagena imu. vdyapitat french nati karala nsa ntng 2do:-(

  7. mge1st shy uni.gya yaluwo innwa.eyla qwa me dwswla general intakersla orientation lu,so me kaale spcl gannawalu. april wenakm leters ei. wil kp hopes,oyalat news1k danagattot tel me. metanama cmnt krnna frnds.. mget z1 0.92, french B. .

  8. mama clmbo ...mama frnch ka..1.1043....mata sabaragamu uni. chnz awa..oyatath bottu awada frndz..

  9. 0.95 French , Eng lit, ICT kale Puttalam distrcit select wune na dear. Anyway congratz for you. We are not lucky like you. Best of luck.

    1. thnkx frnd......oyatath evi frndzzzz Eng lit.thiyanawane......

  10. 0.9k z scre tyena kaatawt bottuwak awe nadda?french or englsh?

    1. 0.95 z score french and english mokatawath awe na. ane ai oyalata awada? plz kiyanna?

  11. na awe na dr.mge z0.92i ekai ahuwe..anemanda.oyta awot kianna k?

    1. mata therenne na dan mona karannada kiyala. oya vidya peeta dammada friend?
      email me if you got any info ok
      my email -


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