Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jaffna University Students Arrested-Sri Lanka

Jaffna University Latest News -
Jaffna University Teachers and students continue their boycott to demand the release of students arrested by Sri Lankan police yesterday.

The Terrorist Investigation Department (TID) of Sri Lanka has arrested four students of Jaffna University Saturday on suspicions of terrorist activities.

The four students, Secretary of the Jaffna University Students' Union, P. Darshanth, S.Soloman, Ganeshamoorthy Sudarshan and Kanakasuntharaswamy Janaka Jeyan have been arrested by the TID Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile it is reported that the Sinhala students, who are studying in the Jaffna University start to leave the university due to the tense situation. 

The Jaffna University, Tamil students plan to boycott classes until the arrested students will release.
Jaffna University academics and students have been on strike for nearly four days, accusing the government of interference and attacking Tamils students.