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University Leadership Training Program:Sri Lanka 2013

Special Report
The University leadership training program for Sri Lankan students who have qualified to enter University for the 2011/2012 academic year will commence on October.
The program is scheduled to start at 22 Army Camps islandwide with the participation of 23,000 students.

Things you should convey for the Training

·        National ID
·        3 Passport Size Photos
·        1 White Canvass Shoe
·        2 pair of White Socks
·        2 T-shirts
·        2 Long Sleeves shirts (male)
·        2 Blue shorts (male)
·        2 Black or Blue trousers
·        2 Sarees (female)
·        1 Bottom trouser
·        1 pair of Black shoe
·        1 pair of Sandals
·        1 White cap
·        2 white bed sheets
·        2 white pillow cases
·        1 Towel
·        1 soap
·        1 toothpaste
·        1 toothbrush
·        1 shoe polish
·        1 Plate
·        1 Cup
·        1 Traveling Bag
·        2 file covers
·        2 pens

(You can use your school uniforms for above cloths requirements)

The ministry has made several appropriate changes to this year leadership Training program in accordance with the proposals and ideas of the academics and the VCs.

Last year program last two weeks only but this year program will run 3 weeks.The leadership training program is scheduled to launch in two or three sessions.

Twenty five Army camps in the North and East, Colombo, Kandy and Galle districts have been selected for the program.

The program's aim is to develop leadership skills and change the undergraduates' attitudes. The training comprises both theory and practical sessions including indoor and outdoor activities. Every student who is participating in the program has to follow a daily routine.

The leadership training program has been organized by a special committee comprising university lecturers.

Program Consist of:

The future vision of Sri Lanka
Global changes
Achieving long term developments
Physical exercises
First aid
Leadership qualities and leadership
Laws and rituals of the society
Team work
Presentation Skills

Lecturers will conduct these sessions with the support of the Defense Ministry, Tri Forces, Police, and Vice Chancellors of all universities, University Grant Commission and its affiliated institutions.

Students have to wake up at 4 am and participate in exercises. Lectures follow after this. The students would be trained in team work, presentation skills, visionary thinking and conflict resolution. Students have to learn about waking up on time, how to do exercises, working on time, how to study well, how to do team work, how to eat properly and how to respect others.

The Ministry last year introduced a leadership training program to new entrants to universities to be carried out every year and this year leadership training gave to Buddhist monks who enter the Buddhist University or any state university in Sri Lanka.

Leadership Training 2013 - Name List 

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