Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Athuru Mithuru Magazine for Pre School - Lake House

Athuru Mithuru is a preschool (Nursery/Montessori/Kindergarten) education paper in Sri Lanka which prints in Sinhala language monthly. Athuru Mithuru is the most popular preschool education paper in Sri Lanka which runs according to the pre-school curriculum.
It is published by the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (Lake House), a government-owned company.
The Education paper commenced publishing on 1st May 2012. The Athuru Mithuru is written as a tabloid size, with colorful drawings. It include preschool activities, drawings, poems, stories and competitions.

The current editor-in-chief of the paper is Anoma Gangoda while Gunapala Jayalath is the sub editor. The circulation is close to 100,000 and Pre School Delivery and Paper Subscriptions are doing by Dinesh De Alwis. Athuru Mithuru is distributed to every corner of the island by Lake House Circulation Department headed by Sunil Sendanayake.


Lake House Education Publications have spread all over the island while brightening & energizing Sri Lankan students’ future. At the moment there are 13 Education Publications
They are Athuru Mithuru , Muthu Ahura 1 ,  Muthu Ahura 2 , Muthu Ahura 3 , Muthu Ahura 4 , Vidunena , Mihira , Budu Sadhu , Sithmina , Arogya , Navayugaya , Denamuthu & Mihithuru
In Future Lake House is planning to expand their Education portfolio.

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