Thursday, June 6, 2013

13 University Colleges in Sri Lanka 2014 - Ministry of Youth Affairs

University Colleges in Sri Lanka 2014 - Ministry of Youth Affairs
Sri Lanka's Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development plans to set up 13 University Colleges island wide to create alternate learning pathways up to the degree level for students who are leaving formal education.

The government will set up 4 university colleges by upgrading the existing training centers falling under the purview of the Ministry.

Establishment of University Colleges (Construction Work) - initial steps are being taken by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development to establish 13 University Colleges in 2013 in the following manner:

•    02 University Colleges in Belwood Aesthetic Centre and Sapugaskanda Vocational Training Centre;
•    University College on Health Studies in the premises of Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital; and
•    University College in Ampara in the new buildings constructed at the premises of the College of Technology Ampara under the 'Deyata Kirula' Programme.

In addition to the above, 09 University Colleges are to be constructed in Ratmalana, Kuliyapitiya, Thalalla, Baddegama, Katunayake, Anuradhapura, Borella, Katubedda and Jaffna. A total sum of Rs .3173 million has been allocated for the purpose in 2013.

The proposal made by Hon. Dallas Alahapperuma, Minister of Youth Affairs and Skills Development to proceed with the activities relating to the construction work of the 09 University Colleges subject to the stipulations made by the General Treasury, was approved by the Cabinet.


  1. Taking more foreign students, introducing new courses, delaying ugc handbook, and now this sort of a thing, all point to nothing but a severe decrease in the intake of students for high end courses like medicine.

  2. Rob, what about delaying rescrutiny results of A/L 2012 batch? Those students are kept in the lurch not knowing what their future will be. A decrease in intake of engineering students to Katubedda university will also take place due to new rule of admitting foreign students from A/L 2012 batch. The students with high z-scores will have to be dropped to accomodate foreign students at the Katubedda Engineering Faculty. We live in a country of injustice and corruption.

  3. this can be good proposal if they going to build up technical college to this stage. but they are try to destroy NDES (National Diploma in Engineering Sciences) awarding by IET Katunayake. this is one of Higher Diploma in Srilanka with parallel NDT and HNDE. so if they are implement this decision it will be funeral of NDES and NDES will equal for other 19 institutions. the harmful of this poor monopoly decision is they try to kill one high quality Diploma rest of 3nos of Higher Diploma and start lo quality 20 universities with useless degree.due to this matter this proposal should be revised and must be protect NDES.

    1. You are exactly correct.being NDES qualified engineer whos holding Matser degree n running key roll industry i thoughly believe how NDES effective in sri lankas technical field.this is not wise decision at all

  4. The government is talking about university colleges in Sri Lanka but still they can not release rescrutiny results and university admission book for 2012 A/L batch. It is better if they develop the present state universities and expedite the university admissions rather than all the other nonsense.

  5. What is the admission criteria? What is the recognition for the so called degrees? BTech offered from OUSL still do not have proper recognition in some government institutions, hence what will be the end result of so called degrees.. it may be just a paper if the government not change the Governing circulars accordingly for eligibility for enter Government bodies. Will these degrees will consider equal to BSc in the future if not will be a time wasting for students.....

  6. In technical subject stream any one who face to the GCE A/L, he or she can't to enter to the any Engineering faculty on MPR (Moratuwa,Peradeniya & Ruhuna). But they can face to the entrance exam of the NDES (IET)..what the hell of that?? NDES is one of the best engineering diploma in srilanka....If cant to enter to the other two diplomas (NDT,HNDE) in technical subject stream, that should be same way to the NDES also..


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