Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Colombo University Law and Management Faculties Closed ! - Dengue threat

The Public Health Department, of the Colombo Municipal Council (PHD CMC), yesterday urged the Vice Chancellor of the Colombo University to temporarily close the faculties of Law and Management and clean up all mosquito breeding places there.
Chief of the PHDCMC said that there had been several dengue cases reported from the two faculties which had prompted the PHD to carry out inspections.
Last week the council fumigated the whole area where the two faculties were situated and inspections were carried out yesterday morning. The PHD Chief said that there had been several places where his teams had found mosquito larvae.
Dr. Kariyawasam said he had written to the VC and asked him to temporarily close the two faculties and carry out cleaning campaigns to prevent more students from being infected.
The number of dengue cases in the city from January to the beginning of June had increased to 1,237 while three deaths were reported within the period. 1,011 dengue cases were reported within the first five months of last year. Extract From ISLAND