Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Muthu Ahura 1,2,3,4 Education Papers - Lake House

‘Muthu Ahura’ a new monthly education paper series for Grade 1,2,3 & 4 students published by Lake House the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd. Muthu Ahura is the most popular education paper series in Sri Lanka which runs according to the school curriculum.

The Muthu Ahura paper series commenced publishing in 2013 under the guidance of Lake House Chairman Bandula Padmakumara.
The paper is written as a tabloid, with photographs & drawings printed both in color and black and white. Monthly printings include the activities, drawings, poems, stories, competitions, model papers and lessons for Grade 1,2,3 & 4 students.

The readership is above one million and School Delivery and Paper Subscriptions are doing by Dinesh De Alwis. Muthu Ahura is distributed to every corner of the island by Lake House Circulation Department headed by Sunil Sendanayake.


Lake House Education Publications have spread all over the island while brightening & energizing Sri Lankan students’ future. At the moment there are 13 Education Publications
They are Athuru Mithuru , Muthu Ahura 1 ,  Muthu Ahura 2 , Muthu Ahura 3 , Muthu Ahura 4 , Vidunena , Mihira , Budu Sadhu , Sithmina , Arogya , Navayugaya , Denamuthu & Mihithuru
In Future Lake House is planning to expand their Education portfolio.

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