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2011/2012 University Academic Year Begin March 27

2011 2012 Academic Year Sri Lanka University News
2011/2012 Academic year in all universities will commence in March 27 Higher Education Minister SB Dissanayake said. The Higher Education Ministry has advised vice chancellors to take necessary measures to commence all undergraduate courses in every faculty by March 27.

UGC has started sending relevant University Admissions letters to students and those who are selected will be received Letters  in coming days.
Sri Lanka Higher Education Ministry has decided to launch extra batch for the candidates those who couldn’t participate for Leadership Training. The 4th batch details will be published later.
The University Grants Commission (UGC) said that 26,944 students from both the new and old syllabi would be admitted to universities based on the GCE A/L examination 2011 results. Under the special provision around 1,000 students will also be recruited to universities. Ministry has not finalized the special category admissions yet and those who had achieved international standards in sports, disabled students and foreign students would be admitted under the special category.

13,470 students from the new syllabus and 13,474 students from old syllabus had been selected for admission to universities. 1,315 students had been selected for Medicine and 845 of them were from the old syllabus, while 1,562 students had selected for Engineering and 790 of them were from the new syllabus. 4,000 students would be admitted for management studies; 2,713 from the new syllabus and 1,287 from the old syllabus. 5,945 students would be admitted to the Arts degree programmes and of them 3,491 were new syllabus students.

Meanwhile, more students will be enrolled to universities under a proposal submitted by the UGC to the Supreme Court. An additional 5,609 students will be enrolled to universities this time.

The Minister said more facilities are being rapidly added to the university system to meet the academic and other requirements catering to the additional 5,609 students. In this regard the government has allocated Rs 4,000 million by 2013 budget to upgrade infrastructure development in universities.

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  1. If you compare past data from 2008 to 2010 the majority of students admitted to Engineering faculty has been 1st attempt students. In 2011/2012 academic year 1st timers numbers have reduced to 50% which is 772 slots due to Supreme court ruling. We hope the UGC will rectify this anomaly for the Advanced Level 2012 (Academic year 2012/2013) prospective Engineering students.

  2. I would like to know how did 2011 selection for Medicine and Engineering has been done. Because Engineering faculty 772 from old syllabus and 790 from new syllabus while medical faculty 845 from old syllabus and 460 from new syllabus are selected. Why there is a unfair and unjust selection for new syllabus student for medicine? compare to engineering faculty. How many students are suffering from this problem. Why Why!!!!!!!

  3. How can we check in internet, what is the university we selected. Pls... Tell it


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