Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aptitude Tests Issue Sri Lankan Universities

The Sri Lankan universities are conducting aptitude tests without informing the candidates properly.
UGC handbooks issued in 2012 had not mentioned anything about aptitude tests. Due to this reason lot of students have unable to sit those exams assuming that aptitude tests will not be held.
Students who had qualified to enter university are deprived of the opportunity to do so as the universities are yet to inform them of the aptitude examinations that are conducted prior to them being admitted, and sitting this exam is a prerequisite to university admission.
The Ceylon Teachers' Service Union (CTSU) said students who are hoping to join the Uva-Wellassa University are unable to do so as they are not aware as to when the aptitude tests will be conducted.
In the years 2010 and 2011, the university handbook had mentioned that aptitude tests would be conducted prior to admitting new undergraduates. However, the handbooks for the years 2012 and 2013 had not mentioned anything about aptitude tests, thereby allowing students to assume that aptitude tests will not be held, CTSU General Secretary, Mahinda Jayasinghe averred.
Jayasinghe said " last October, certain newspapers carried a notice that aptitude tests would be held prior to admissions. Many people were unaware of the notice placed in the papers, and were therefore unable to sit for it. Students who sat for their GCE A/Ls for the third time and were successful have now lost the chance of entering university though they worked hard for it,".
Convener of the Inter University Students' Federation (IUSF), Sanjeewa Bandara, alleged that such incidents are not unique to the Uva-Wellassa University alone.
According to Sanjeewa Bandara, students who are hoping to enter the University of Peradeniya to follow courses which required them to get through the aptitude test have also been victimized as they too were not aware of aptitude tests being conducted.
"The practical exams were conducted without notifying the students, accordingly. We demand that exams be re-conducted, thus giving a fair chance to those who had missed out on sitting for the same. It is extremely unfair to everyone concerned,".

Notice to Students:

Students those who have issues and problems with Aptitude Tests can get further details from below mentioned Telephone numbers. Also students should send an appeal to the UGC.

Students should forward a written appeal to the UGC along with the documentary evidence in support of the appeal. A photocopy of the appeal application form in the UGC admission handbook could be used as the appeal format. Appeal should be forwarded to the UGC within four weeks from the date of publishing the Cut-off points. (2011/2012 Academic Year)
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Mrs. WMCP Godage 
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